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I have an admission to make. My background is in architecture (that is not my admission). As a professional I always felt there was one area we (and clients!) never were able to pay enough attention to: people. You see, issues were never technical but philosophical. Buildings being inert always do exactly what you tell them.

But people are dynamic and judge your design, place or building. It occurred to me that in most cases spaces,  (private or public) seem to function “well” (read: as intended) with authority. From a civic perspective, however, authority isn’t desirable. 

 Personally what fascinates me is how the process of appropriation is a democratisation of space reflecting the dynamism, creativity and civic nature of a society or lack thereof: from developed to distressed societies, to authoritarian regimes enforcing inertia. The process can say a lot about the past, present, or future.

My love for understanding people and architecture has lead me to focus on fine-art documentary photography.

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