Lamma Channel

My friend Folkert, an IT geek of the greatest kind recently moved to the remote village of Pak Kok. Some of the most magnificent views on Hong Kong can be seen from here with direct angles on to Pok Fu Lam over the Lamma Channel. According to Wikipedia:

The East Lamma Canal is one of the areas in the world with the heaviest traffic with more than 150 deep water vessels of all kinds passing there every day. The eastern entrance to the channel is also the pilot point for ships going to the Kwai Chung container terminals and for ships passing the Ma Wan water way up to the eastern Pearl River Delta ports in Shenzhen and Guangzhou. The East Lamma Channel is the deepest water entrance to the Hong Kong.

Since Hong Kong is the, or one of the, busiest container ports in the world there's plenty of eye candy driving past. I stayed over at Folkert's place that morning and so I took the opportunity to shoot the following panorama from his balcony!

Impressions of Myanmar

Impressions of Myanmar

Remember a time when grocery stores were named after it's owner? When potato chips and sweets were home-made and no Pringles, Mars, or Tic Tac's can be found on shelves. I don't. In Myanmar the only Brands you can find are Coca Cola, Toyota and other mainly Japanese car makers and Samsung for the Phones. That's about it. 

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