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Wolf Nitch is a leading photojournalist, as well as a documentary and art photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. His works focuses on social issues relating to the built environment, architecture and impact on landscapes and nature. His themes include impacts of modern politics, technology, urbanism and finds deceptive beauty that raises question for the observer.

Specialising in large format, museum quality works of art his framed photographs are procured by collectors, fine art connoisseurs, interior designers and international art galleries around the world. The carefully curated collections on this site are comprised of his very best limited-edition photographic work. Every piece of art produced is meticulously crafted by hand to exacting standards using the finest printing methods and materials available today. To review available works and to purchase fine art prints through this website, please visit his limited edition gallery collections.

Photographs are everywhere and often manufacture a false sense of reality. As a documentary art photographer I try to see the camera foremost as a listening device. I have a moral obligation to be truthful and to ask the right questions. I observe and listen to the people, to the environment, only then can I take a photograph that is truthful and artistic at the same time.

Previously published and exhibited in Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong his work is available as fine-art prints on his own website, Saatchi Art, Etsy and other international art markets and destinations to buy art online. Art should be accessible for all - his shop provides iconic imagery as museum quality prints including custom framing, delivered globally to your doorstep.

Comprised of his greatest works, his limited edition collections carry strict production limits between 25 and 100, depending on the size of the piece and regardless of medium produced. A piece that has reached its production limit will be retired, never produced again as a fine art print. Each piece the collection is signed and numbered and includes a matching Certificate of Authenticity provided as additional proof of origin and ownership.

Please enjoy the time you spend here and do not hesitate to reach out to speak directly with Wolf at any time.

Print & Framing Production


All works go through a carefully curated process, based on true colour theory and never stretching the boundaries of dark room techniques used in film photography. For him Analogue Photography provides the boundaries of the digital process and also informs and determines the process for creating the positive and the subsequent print.

Each printer is setup differently. The printing process starts with a test strip to determine final tones and gradations based on the settings of the printer. Once the final image is printed I hand sign and number each print. This is my favourite step in the production as it marks the print as an original limited edition print.


To finalise the art work i offer custom framing for all my prints. I was very lucky to find and work together with Kevin, founder and owner of Elevator digital in Toronto. Kevin is known in the art industry for his exquisite custom framing and delivers every piece in real gallery quality. We use premium custom made wood frame moulding in matte white, matte black and natural maple. The glass we use is the Anti reflective Acrylic glass to ensure the best quality and the safest option for our worldwide shipping.

We can also offer every custom framing option available and are very happy to produce alternative sizes and frames. Just email me a note and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Insured & Free Shipping

We ship all our works for free worldwide. Every print is insured and arrives “ready to hang” at your doorstep. On the backside of every frame you will find my Certificate of Authenticity and two hangers on each side to safely install your print at your home.

To make sure that your art arrives safe we custom build a wooden crate for every shipping. The plywood travel box is shock proof and sealed with art industry safety standards. Every shipping is insured and I will provide the exact tracking details after we ship out your order.

The art work will arrive at your doorstep and will need your personal signature to my courier service to be released safely to you.


Wolf Nitch selects his project based on principles of photojournalism and on the following principles:

Topics of human interest

His works reflects the social, cultural and historical ties of community to an environment and provides a narrative between what was planned and conceived, how an environment or community lives and how our perception and gaze may interpret what we see. As such he asks questions in regards to the human condition via the absurd, prejudice, bias, expectations.

Impact on environment

His background in architecture and design has formed his vision. Looking at space as a practiced environment his angles contains the contexts of human impact and hints of past conditions.


His images are a reportage on issues worth featuring and should support progressive causes such as Environmentalism and Green Issues, fights against Racial discrimination, and Civil Rights. He converts these issues into fine art documentary photography, raising awareness and projecting a positive political message via his art.

Open to collaborate

Other issues he wants to pursue are topics around press freedom, Feminism, LGBTQ, Animal protection, Veganism and new Technology that could transform our Energy Crisis. Please contact Wolf Nitch if you would like to collaborate on a subject or if you have any leads you would like him to explore.

Publications & Exhibitions