Exhibition @ Art Porter Gallery, Singapore

Wolf's North Korea fine-art documentary supporting charity for children

SINGAPORE — Wolf’s exploration of SCAPE via North Korea’s architecture of propaganda, and its projection into urbanism and infrastructure will be featured as a centre piece at the ART PORTERS gallery and auctioned to raise funds for PAG-ASA — a sustainable Children’s home in Bohol, Philippines. All proceedings from the auction will be donated to the charity. 

Date & time: Saturday 22 April 2017 @ 4:00 - 6:00 pm SGT (add to calendar)
Location: Art Porters, 64 Spottiswoode Park Road, Singapore, 088652 (view on map)

About the artwork — Exploring the gigantic theatre set of planned propaganda, Wolf aims to demonstrate the cracks of the carefully curated North Korean Propaganda Scape, by demonstrating what is there; and what isn’t. Printed on aluminium, Wolf’s prints evoke the era of communism, creating surprising reflections and lighting effects and establishing a sense of three-dimensionality. 


Date & Location:
Saturday 22 April 2017 @ 4:00 - 6:00 pm SGT (add to calendar)
Art Porters, 64 Spottiswoode Park Road, Singapore, 088652
(view on map)

North Korean Propaganda Scape background 
In April 2011, German - French photographer Wolf Nitschke was led along North Korea’s propaganda trail – the only glimpse into their society that the socialist leaders are willing to offer to the few tourists that venture into the country. Under strict supervision, Wolf was shown what one might call the « world’s most gigantic theatre set », composed of carefully selected scenes and monuments, such as parading people in front of a military parade, enthusiastically waving at the soldiers, a huge flower display composed of thousands of Kimjongilias and Kimilsungias and ostentatious monuments such as the Arch of Triumph, the Juche Tower, the National Reunification Monument and other temples of propaganda.

Wolf captured an ideal opportunity to look behind the propaganda mask as the cracks start to appear everywhere in this carefully curated façade. As a result, showcased propaganda sites appear void of true life, contradicting the original purpose of an ideal socialist society.

About Wolf Nitschke
Wolf Nitschke is a German-French fineart documentary photographer based in Singapore. Wolf has been photographing since his mother offered him her Nikon FE camera back in 1996. His vision is influenced via his third culture background and professional experience in media and design. His exploration of the mediascape via space-architecture and human appropriation is a re-occuring theme throughout his fine-art documentary work, connecting societal stories with spatial observations and commentaries. www.wolfnitschke.com

About the Little Heros Charity and Pag-Asa project
Little Heros’ Dream mission is to help thousands of underprivileged children living in South East Asia to realise their dreams via sustainable welfare ecosystems. The vision is to use self-financing strategies to enable projects that ensure shelter & protection, healthcare & good education. This approach ensures longevity and integrates the projects into the local communities therefore becoming part of the society. 

Project PAG-ASA is the latest project established for underprivileged children in Bohol, Philippines. Pag-Asa means hope in native Tagalog. The project’s aim is to build a home for children in Bohol and support the mothers and sisters involved to become independent. the vision is to establish a home with capacity for 50 children in need. Its’ running costs will be funded through the income gen­erated by a mix of com­mercial establishments and initiatives targeting the growing tourism industry, as well as from the proceeds from a private school. We are also working with community livelihoods organisations to establish sustainable business opportunities. Pagasabohol Website 

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